GPS Collar Identification Tags - MINI COLLAR

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These tags slide onto your Garmin Dc50, T5, TT10, or TT15 Mini Size Collar.  Can help if you lay a collar on dog box and drive off and it falls or just for identification.  Can go between the buckle and collar housing, or can go on the end that comes out of the GPS Satellite Antenna Can have your name and phone number, and the "Illegal to Remove," line if it is illegal in your state to remove a tracking collar.  Some people put a collar number instead of illegal to remove, like "1". More letters mean smaller letters.  Please fill in below which you would like.  Buy 7 or more and receive $.50 off each.  These are on a 1-2 week back order and orders will be filled in order received.  The photos with engraving are on regular size collars, the collar with the silver plate is a mini for sample.  The plates will be black with silver engraving like in these photos.  We recommend only using name and phone number, or number and illegal to remove.  We recommend 2 lines of information on these, however it will take 3 and are still be readable.


Please fill in boxes with what your options are.


If you are interested in some other type of lettering fill out what you are thinking in the 3 boxes, if it will not work we will contact you.