Collar Tune Ups

Garmin Collar Tune Up Form

Please fill out the following form and insert in box with collars.

The following are options to have done to your collars. Replacing radio antenna, Garmin antenna keepers, and new straps. While performing any of these replacements we will also inspect and clean the connections and look over the entire quality and advise on anything we may see that could cause an interruption in your tracking success. You pay shipping to us; we pay shipping back to you. Please feel free to email if you have any questions. Do not include any money we will call for payment upon completion.  If you would just like to send us your collar to inspect we will do so and then reach out to you with what we believe you are in need of.  You will be contacted and advised before any work is done.    If you have trouble printing this form we can also email a copy.


Contact Information:


Shipping Address:



Total number of mini collars sent: ___________

Total number of standard collars sent: ___________


Antenna Replacement: (Tuff Skin antennas cut to custom length):

$12 X _________ collars =   __________ total

Antenna Keeper Replacement:


$10 X ________ collars = ___________ total

Glow in the Dark:

$11 X _______ collars = ___________ total

Strap Replacement:

Collar Color Requested:

$10 X _______collars = ___________ total