Tactacam Reveal X Gen 3.0

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New Features:

No memory card required, SIM card pre installed and connected to best service, pre installed antenna, built in GPS

Get the latest intel on your property and hunting spots with the Tactacam REVEAL X 3.0 Cellular Trail Camera. The X 3.0 brings a new pre-installed, extra durable antenna, fully integrated GPS, and best-in-class battery life that keep your camera in the field all year round. The ultra reliable X 3.0 will send HD photos and videos directly to your mobile device with a user-friendly app that is packed with features like deer analytics, mapping, and weather data. The Low-Glo IR flash is virtually undetectable with trigger speeds to catch cruising game in the middle of your frame. The REVEAL X 3.0 is a multi-carrier trail camera that will keep you connected to your cellular network. 

Features: Low-Glow IR Flash Technology, NEW-Optional SD Card Slot with Built-in Storage, No SD Card is Required, NEW-Pre-Installed Antenna Location for a More Durable Camera Experience, Best-in-class Battery Life, NEW-Built-in GPS, 3-Shot burst mode, Fast Trigger Speeds, NEW-Improved Image Sensors, 1080p FHD Video, HD Photo Requests, Live Camera Aiming via the App, Selectable Videos of 10, 15, & 30 Seconds, NEW Cellular Firmware Updates. 

This product will work in the United States.